The main project outputs

Handbook of professions in the field of renewable energy sources
The handbook will contain a brief description of the individual renewable energy sources, their current status and potential for utilisation in the future, including the list of professions associated. In the attachment there will be a list of professions with the description of their main tasks, educational level, experiences required, working conditions and employment areas. This handbook will be available by the end of 2012 in Slovak, Czech and English languages.

Handbook for educational and career counsellors


The curriculum of the training and the training of educational and career counsellors
A curriculum for a two-day training of career and educational counsellors from primary or secondary schools and of teachers from secondary schools will be developed, which will be verified in the pilot training of 20 counsellors and teachers organised in the second half of 2013.

Curriculum EN


Textbooks on renewable energy sources for the study field "Technician for energy facilities of buildings"
Textbooks for two subjects of the new study field "Technician for energy equipment in buildings" will be developed. The texts are available in Slovak and Czech languages – See the Slovak version of the website.


17.8. 2016

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