SOŠ elektrotechnická Trnava


The Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering Trnava was established in 1985 and currently it has about 800 students. It prepares students for the performance of professions in the field of electro-energetics, electrical engineering, information & communication technologies. The school cooperated with the Dutch energy institute VEV in the project ENERSOL. It has experience with Comenius and Leonardo projects. In cooperation with the Trnava Self-governing Region it actively works on projects aimed at modernizing education in the field of electrical engineering and energetics.

Based on the cooperation with social partners, it specifies the education requirements in skills development of the teachers of vocational subjects. It sets requirements for the direction of the modernisation within the education in electrical engineering and energetics.

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SOŠ elektrotechnická Trnava Contact person for the project:
Sibírska 1 Ing. Iveta Bakičová
917 01 Trnava +421 905 382 990
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