SOŠ technická Prešov


The school bears this name since 1.1.2009. It succeeded the former SOU stavebné (Secondary Vocational School of Civil Engineering) in Prešov, the origins of which date back to 1948. Within the Prešov region it belongs to large schools and schools with a rich tradition. Since its establishment, the school has had a solid position among the schools of the region providing vocational education especially in civil and technical engineering fields. Most recently the network of the school has been extended by study fields and specializations of electrical engineering and economics, so the current adjective technical describes the nature of our institution best.

The educational process is provided for by qualified teaching staff  – 30 teachers, 20 foremen of practical education and 11 wardens in the school dormitory, which houses around 300 secondary school students.

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SOŠ technická Prešov Contact person for the project:
Volgogradská 1 Ing Peter Príhoda
080 01 Prešov +421 51 771 4560
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