Integrovaná střední škola Sokolnice


Integrated Secondary School in Sokolnice is a comprehensive school providing secondary education of students in traditional, modern and promising disciplines in the field of   energetics, electrical engineering and information technologies.

We provide theoretical, practical, as well as extracurricural education of students in up-to-date equipped classrooms, specialized workshops and laboratories. The big strength of the school is the high level of expertise. The acquired knowledge gives the students possibilities of a wide range of employment, be it in various companies or in individual entrepreneurship. The graduates of the school do not get into unemployment statistics. Conversely, many of them get employed while studying still, as the school is closely associated with the sphere of business.

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Integrovaná střední škola Sokolnice Contact person for the project:
Sokolnice 496 Eva Dařenová
66452 Sokolnice +420 544 224 634
Česká republika


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