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The State Institute for Vocational Education (SIVE) is expert-methodological work centre, which was established and has been managed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR. It is responsible for the creation and verification of state educational programmes for all groups of study and training field at secondary vocational schools in Slovak Republic. It addresses the issues of curriculum creation and research in the vocational education. It implements national projects financed from the EU Structural Funds and programmes of youth creativity development. Under the Act No. 184/2009 on vocational education and training and amending certain acts it is the secretariat of the Government Council of the SR for Vocational Education and Training.

SIVE as an organisation with separate legal personality acts as coordinating, educational, counselling, research & development and information body for the whole network of secondary vocational schools in SR.

The European Training Foundation (ETF) in Torino has established in SIVE the Slovak National Observatory of Vocational Education and Training. Its objective is to collect and analyse information on vocational education in the Slovak Republic and confront it with the situation in the EU and other countries making efforts to join the EU. Its aim is to collect motions and initiate proposals for the decision-makers.

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