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The main partner and implementer of the project is EkoFond, non-investment fund established by SPP in 2007 to support projects aimed at an effective use of energy, environmental protection and activities connected with education and raising of awareness in these areas. The target group consists of public and non-business entities, especially cities and municipalities and the facilities under their administration, NGOs, schools, school facilities, as well as individuals. Activities of EkoFond are aimed at

  • Grant programmes for promotion of energy efficiency, (GP 01 – Cogeneration and trigeneration based on natural gas, GP 02 - Improving energy efficiency of the buildings, G3 – Support for installation of gas heat pumps, GP 04 – Introduction of new progressive technologies based on natural gas, GP 05 – Support of the use of alternative motor fuel CNG.

  • Partner projects of cooperation with other non-profit entities and foundations on their activities and projects that are consistent with the purpose of EkoFond, and 

  • Own projects, especially EkoFond for schools that comprises a comprehensive training package in the field of gas industry and energy efficiency for primary and secondary schools.

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EkoFond, non-investment fund of SPP Contact person for the project:
Mlynské Nivy 44/A Renata Proková
825 11 Bratislava +421 2 6262 2033
Slovenská republika


This project is financed by the European Commission through the Lifelong-learning programme

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