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Project REFUGE - REnewable Energy for FUture GEnerations

Project REFUGE is supported within the Lifelong Learning Programme – sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci – multilateral projects “Innovation transfer” in the year 2011. The project will be implemented within 24 months, from December 2011 until the end of November 2013.

The implementer and main partner of the project is EkoFond, non-investment fund established by SPP, the project partners are: the training and consulting company IDEC S.A.from Greece, Integrovaná střední škola (Integrated secondary school) from the Czech Republic; SOŠ elektrotechnická (Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering) Trnava from Slovakia, Spojená škola Kremnička (Joint school) Banská Bystrica from Slovakia, SOŠ technická (Secondary Vocational School of Technical Engineering) Prešov from Slovakia and Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania (State Institute for Vocational Education) from Slovakia.

The main objectives of the project include identification and analysis of new professions in the field of renewable energy sources and their adaptation to Slovak conditions, preparation of a training for educational and career advisors, as well as preparation of textbooks for the field of renewable energy sources applicable for the study field “Technician for energy facilities of buildings”, developed by EkoFond in cooperation with the involved secondary schools and the State Institute of Vocational Education.

The main outputs of the project will be:

  • The handbook of professions in the field of renewable energy sources

  • Curriculum for the training and training of educational and career counsellors

  • Textbooks on renewable energy sources for the study field “Technician for energy facilities of buildings”

The target groups of the project are educational and career advisers, teachers of technical subjects, especially of the study field “Technician for energy equipment in buildings”, as well as students of secondary vocational schools.

The main project activities are:

  • Project reports – interim and final report including financial report

  • Project documents – project implementation and quality assurance plan, monitoring and evaluation plan, plan for the use of project results

  • Project promotion – website, project leaflet, press releases, final conference, direct mailing, leaflet on the project results

  • Project team meetings and minutes from the meetings, attendance at other conferences and seminars

  • Preparation of the handbook of professions in the field of renewable energy sources including job descriptions and the qualification required

  • Organisation of two workshops on preparation of textbooks and curricula for training

  • Curriculum development for the pilot training of educational and career consultants and organisation of a pilot training

  • Preparation of textbooks on renewable energy sources and energy saving activities in small enterprises and households


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This project is financed by the European Commission through the Lifelong-learning programme

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